It’s Bandcamp Friday!

On this special occasion, Bandcamp waives their revenue share and passes the funds directly to artists and labels. Cool, right?! Read more about it here.

Badgerland’s albums are always free/pay-what-you-like, and you if you’re someone that likes to pay something to support the cause, today is a great day to check out some of our non-Christmas albums – Saskatchewan, Harbinger of Sun, Tiny Songs of Love & Family, and Stock Photo Soundtrack.

Or better yet, below is a sampling of other great music from some of the artists behind our badgerland comps – Take a listen and throw some something in the guitar case!

Colouring Page!

Hey, kids! Big adult kids, too!

Courtesy of John R. from Half-handed Cloud, we’ve got a colouring page of a city bus full of Christmas trees for you to fill in over the holidays.

Click here to download and print the colouring sheet.

This beautiful drawing was done to accompany Half-handed Cloud’s song “Tree Raffle Winner” from the Badgerland Christmas Bazaar compilation. ?

Stay in the lines (or don’t!) and send your masterpieces to us at

Or post them to Facebook/Instagram, but don’t forget to tag @half.handedcloud and @badgerlandmusic so we can see it in its full-coloured glory!

How am I here? Why does it baffle?
I won a tree at the Christmas raffle
I’ll take the bus with it to my abode

But when I’m on board, I’m not alone
Everyone with trees of their own
A forest on wheels, the woods on the road!

At home, when I take off my boots
(the tree starts sprouting shoots!)
And as I close the door, across the floor
(the tree spreads out its roots!)
Pinecone that falls from its limb
(I stuff beneath my shirt!)
since bellybutton lint’s more fertile than dirt

So now I’m stuck, I feel erased
Why am I planted in this place?
Light up the tree that grows out of me!

Light please, light up the tree that grows out of me!
Light then, light up the tree that grows out of them!
Light too, light up the tree that grows out of you!
Light what? Light up the tree that grows out of us!

Who are you calling amateur?!

Amateur Hour is a weekly radio show, hosted by Kent Davies, on CKUW in Winnipeg. Their tag line is “Where bad is good and worse is better. ” We’ll take it as a compliment, then, that they’ve pulled together a pile of our songs for an hour long Badgerland Christmas special. Fun, right?! Grab a glass of chicken milk, stoke the fire, and have a listen here:

Originally aired December 13, 2023
Join the Amateur Hour Facebook group to keep up with more of Kent’s weird and wonderful discoveries.

Christmas Bazaar

Come on, everybody, to the Badgerland “Christmas Bazaar”!
This year’s Christmas album was dropped in four parts throughout one week in December. Part 4 has now been added to the mix. You can now download or purchase the entire album (free or name-your-own-price) via Bandcamp.

? Part 1: December 10 ?
? Part 2: December 12 ?
? Part 3: December 14 ?
? Part 4: December 16 ?

Want to follow along with the lyrics? Head over to the Bandcamp page and click the little “lyrics” link beside the track name.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Stock Photo Soundtrack

We all jumped on a zoom call and spun a wheel to randomly assign awkward stock photos to each other. What you have before you are the resulting songs, each developed as a soundtrack to a specific photo. Click on a track title to see the photo that inspired it!

I Think You Tipped Your Hat

Taking shape while at home in the summer of 2020, Aaron annoyed his family with this repetitive tune until he finally recorded it a year later. This is pandemic lockdown escapism. You can download the track for free over here on his Bandcamp page.

Tiny Songs of Love & Family

From our families to yours, here’s a 16-minute compilation of 32 songs, roughly 30 seconds each, on the theme of love and family. Free to download and share!

Released on Family Day (Canada), February 21, 2022. Artwork lovingly created by Kim Nguyen-Stone